Game design using Unity

This course acts as an introduction to the topic of game design and the use of the Unity game engine. Unity is an industry-standard cross-platform game engine used inthe creation of interactive applications for games, manufacturing, film, animation, architecture, engineering, construction, and much more.

Throughout this course, students will be introduced to various high-level design ideas and practices while learning the basic operation of the Unity editor. Furthermore, students will develop strategies and techniques for idea generation, problem-solving, and critical analysis.

COURSE learning objectives

User Experience/User Interface

Player Motivation and Incentivization

Game Balance and Game Design Theory

Visual Design

Environment Design

Collaboration, Communication, and Teamwork

Course Details

Once a week
90 minutes
Duration 8 weeks
13 - 16 years old
Online Delivery
Weekdays or Weekends

COURSE outcomes

Game design using Unity

By the end ofthe course, students will be familiar with the basic functionality of the Unity editor and will have taken part in several group projects testing their ability to work effectively together.

Students will understand how to approach problems critically and with a logical approach while keeping in mind the key tenets of game design.

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