Game development using Gdevelop

Designing games for others builds strong cognitive abilities, creativity and imagination. Game design teaches valuable skills that can be used in a variety of fields – including software design, UI/UX (user interface / user experience), teamwork, project management, and marketing.

Students will learn to use the GDevelop development engine to create several projects based upon classic game archetypes. They will plan and create a final project based upon a design of their own planning.

COURSE learning objectives

About GDevelop

Become accustomed to working within the GDevelop development environment

Analyze game components

Analyze the components that are required for good game and understand what separates them from bad game design


Evaluate their own work and opportunities to improve their project

Create their own game

Create a unique game based upon their own design and specifications

Course Details

Once a week
90 Minutes
Duration 8 weeks
9 -16 years old
Online delivery
Weekdays  or Weekends
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