Meet The Team

Christo Hughes
Founder & CEO
Oxford, UK

With 15 years living and working in Asia Pacific, Christo is well known for actively embracing the cultures and languages he encounters. Ten years in Vietnam and an excellent command of Vietnamese are evidence of his special commitment to the country and its path forward.

Former roles saw him leading a 6 country network of training and sourcing teams, responsible for team-building, implementing and deploying training systems. "Selecting the knowledge and skills that matter... delivering them so they are retained and effectively applied is of critical importance to Vietnam's young learners today. This is what TechTrain is all about.”

Christo holds an MA, an MBA, and graduated from Tech Elevator (USA) coding camp, where he is also an early stage investor. The school has campuses in 5 major US cities, and ranked first in CIRR's USA graduate placement tables in 2018 and 2019.

Evan Chipman
Product Management

Growing up on Silicon Valley’s doorstep, Evan was surrounded by the buzz of technology for as long as he can remember. Following his Marketing and Communications Studies at the University of California, Evan veered straight into the tech entrepreneur scene, working to develop and successfully exit a music messaging app. Evan then turned his sights to the education world, departing to Vietnam to join the TechTrain core team.

Beyond his work in the US, Evan brings valuable insights from his training and experience in education (course design and build) as well as several student facing roles.

Vlad Mariano, Ph.D.
Head of Academics and Technologies

Vlad Mariano has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at Penn State University, with expertise in computer vision, machine learning and mobile computing. At 14, Vlad discovered the joy of coding.

Today, after more than 20 years as a computer science educator, practitioner and tech entrepreneur, he enjoys introducing kids to programming, opening their eyes and imaginations to the boundless possibilities of technological literacy.

Gaetan Stoffel
Creative Technologies Lead, VFX/3D Specialist

With over 15 years working across all aspects of Computer Graphic in local and international film, TV and advertising industries, Gaetan brings a wealth of specialised experience to TechTrain.

Formerly a 3D and Computer Graphics supervisor for top post-production companies, he ran the 3D team's work on home grown VN and international projects. Gaetan's never-stop-learning approach and his hunger for knowledge made him stand out to TechTrain.

A self-proclaimed geek deep down, who loves sharing his knowledge, Gaetan constantly seeks out the latest technologies and tools emerging in this dynamic industry! TechTrain is the perfect outlet for Gaetan's inner geek and inner educator to run free! He joined Techtrain in 2019 as a Head of 3D department, with a mission to reinforce that essential link between Technology, the World of 3D, and Art.

Zahra Az Maryam

Despite graduating with a bachelor's degree in Law, Zahra immediately found her passion for teaching very early. With 8+ years of experience working with children from 4 to 16 years old in Asia and Europe (including 3+ years specifically in STEAM education), she is a key member of the TechTrain team. Zahra inspires a love for tech in the children she teaches through her vibrant and engaging teaching style.

Mehdi Tass
Technical Lead

Mehdi excelled in Computer Sciences at Edinburgh Napier University, UK. Today, with over a decade of professional software development experience to his name, he has successfully led international teams and projects across many technologies. 

Passionate about teaching and mentoring, he led tutoring sessions throughout university as his desire to share his skills and knowledge began to shine. This desire has flourished in his work at TechTrain. Mehdi boasts an impressive software development portfolio: both individual and as contributions to open source projects.

Nguyen Thien An

A young girl full of enthusiasm and energy, Thiên Ân comes freshly graduated from the University of Information and Technology (Viet Nam National), where she studied Computer Science. Ân believes technology is key to the growth of today's students, and that programming combined with design, are vital skills in today's economy. With that vision, Ân has chosen to cooperate with TechTrain to inspire young kids in learning technology.

The Crew Members
Operations: Product, Services and Tech Events

From our researchers to our program writers and trainers, TechTrain's team is passionate and committed to building pioneering learning paths and experiences. As an organization, we place huge emphasis on our recruiting process, and also work closely with Vietnam’s top universities to bring in great talent; bilingual, and with proven passion for tech, education and teamwork. Our awesome team includes graduates of Computer Science, Design and Communications, Pedagogy, Information Systems, and more.

Anthony Hughes
Business and Education Partner

Anthony is currently the CEO of Tech Elevator, USA, a demand-driven in-person educational platform designed to support rapid acquisition of technology skills for careers.

Anthony previously served as President of the Software Craftsmanship Guild, a coding bootcamp in Ohio, USA, which was acquired by Learning House in 2015. Prior to that, Anthony founded the Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program at JumpStart, Ohio, in partnership with MIT, which matched serially successful entrepreneurs and executives with budding technology entrepreneurs in mentoring relationships. In his advisory role, Anthony brings invaluable perspectives and guidance to TechTrain.

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