Saigon 2030 - Working towards a sustainable future. 

In early July, TechTrain and ISSP partnered around sustainable development*.

Learning how coding controls underground metro trains, wind turbines, electric cars, solar tracking swivel panels, and energy efficient lights, TechTrain's replica model of a future Nguyen Hue St, year 2030, helped ISSP students to visualize and get hands-on with technology.


The kids had loads of fun, and more importantly an understanding of how technology plays a critical role in solving problems like building our clean and sustainable future cities. Miles of smiles - see for yourself! This is what we live for at TechTrain!


*Sustainable development, the theme at the forefront of world's top national and business leaders, is the principle of building towards a better future for human civilization whilst respecting and sustaining the natural systems and resources of our planet that we rely on.