Advanced Workshopping App & Web Development

Suitable For Age 13+

Our workshopping classes are perfect for older students looking to explore and create with the assistance of our topic-specific expert teaching staff.

Throughout the App & Web Development Development Workshop students will be challenged by instructors to ideate, design, and develop their own unique projects based upon bi-weekly challenges and real world issues.

Program learning objectives

Real world applications

Students will work with expert instructors to bring their ideas to life to tackle real world problems and challenges.

Creative Freedom

Students will be given the freedom to tackle challenges using their own ideas and encouraged to 'think outside the box'

Self & Group Evaluation

Students will evaluate their own work and opportunities to improve their project both as a group and independently.

Enhance their Skills

Students will work towards developing hard skills in problem solving, evaluation, design, and development.

Program Details

Expert assisted digital makerspace
90 Minute support sessions held once a week
8, 16, & 24 Lesson packs available
Suitable for age 13+
Online delivery
Weekdays  or Weekends
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