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Bright Sparks

For kids aged 4-8, our Bright Sparks take their first fun tech steps through play, crafts and discovery.

During each 16 week course, we will: Create cool tech crafts; build and control real robots; discover, create, and play!

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Rising Stars

For children 7 and up, our Rising Stars use projects, debates and presentations to really find their tech feet.

During each 16 week course, we:
Create fun games & software projects; work together to solve challenges and problems; debate and discuss new technology.

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Super Novas

For students aged 11 and up, our Super Nova courses are all about following tech passions, independent thinking and learning through projects.

During each 16 week course, we:
Learn industry standard skills and software; develop critical & logical thinking; create designs & projects to tackle real-world problems.

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Young STEAM Program
(ages 4 - 7)

Your child will learn logic and creative thinking skills, tech-based English vocabulary and have fun with computers & engineering.

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Tech Explorer Program
(ages 7-11)

Your child will learn about robots, game design, and 3D models, have fun with computer science and unlock their passion for technology.

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Smart Tech Program
(ages 9-14)

Your child will learn how to develop a hardware skillset for tomorrow’s world, design robotic systems to automate tasks and create intelligent devices that act and react.

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3D World Program
(ages 11-16)

Students will design 3D objects in virtual environments, print their objects with a 3D printer and develop a professional 3D art portfolio.

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