Words from our founder

"My generation has witnessed digital technologies steadily appear in every aspect of our lives, impacting the way we work, travel, shop, learn and even play.

I founded TechTrain with the firm belief that technology should not dominate the lives of our children! They must become more than simple technology consumers by engaging with it in healthy and useful ways. They must learn to harness it, to shape it, and to create it, in order to meet the major challenges in their lives, in professional and social contexts, and at local and global scales.

Education is being disrupted worldwide, and a rethink of how we teach and learn is underway. TechTrain's vision is to adapt the 'toolkit' that a school provides to its students, allowing them to become the effective problem-solvers and leaders of the future. This toolkit integrates tech literacy and global awareness with a mix of essential skills: critical-collaborative-computational thinking abilities, based in, and through, English language acquisition."

Christo Hughes, Founder & CEO

Meet the team

Christo Hughes
Oxford, UK

With 15 years living and working in Asia Pacific, Christo is well known for actively embracing the cultures and languages he encounters. Ten years in Vietnam and an excellent command of Vietnamese are evidence of his special commitment to the country.

Former roles saw him leading a 6 country network of training and sourcing teams, responsible for team-building, implementing and deploying training systems. "Selecting the knowledge and skills that matter... delivering them so they are retained and effectively applied is of critical importance to young learners today. This is what TechTrain is all about.”

Christo holds an MA, an MBA, and graduated from Tech Elevator (USA) coding bootcamp in Full Stack Web App Design.

Cian O'Fearghail

Coming from a background in software systems and business development, Cian has over 18 years of experience in senior leadership roles ranging from hospitality and education management to IT and management consulting.

With unbridled energy, endless optimism, and a passion for the intersection of people and technology, TechTrain’s vision and values could not be more aligned with Cian’s own.

Alex Shaw

- Bachelors of Information Technology from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Vietnam
- 3 Years experience as computer hardware and IOT systems technician
- Experience in leading software teams utilizing industry standard tools
- Experienced STEAM and ICT teacher and learning design professional
- Teaching focus: Coding foundations. Coding & feature design. Project Management.

TechTrain’s Academic Lead, Alex Shaw, keeps TechTrain on track when it comes to course development and delivery. Embodying the values of both TechTrain and STEAM education to the core, Alex’s IT background and teaching experience combines beautifully to guide our students through TechTrain's carefully curated courses, and for some lucky students, even being taught by him too.

Tri Van Minh
Technical lead

- Bachelors of Business Information System from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Vietnam
- 5 Years web and digital design experience
- Specialities: Software as a Service, Enterprise Planning Resource
- Area focused at TechTrain: IT service, Integrations, Website design.

Simply put, we are yet to encounter a systems challenge that is beyond Tri’s capabilities. TechTrain’s problem solving approach is deeply instilled in Tri, as every challenge is met with a solution to keep things moving along the critical path for our students, team and school.

Trang Nguyen
Student Affairs Lead

A seasoned education management professional; parents who have the opportunity to speak with Trang immediately sense a caring and knowledgeable partner in crafting the best solutions for their child's learning and development.

Trang works closely with our faculty to put shape to each student’s learning pathway, ensuring a challenging, exciting, and productive learning experience for all.

Gleb Bogachev

- Bachelors of Information Technology from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Vietnam
- 3 Years web and digital design experience
- Specialities: Digital design, system / process development, design thinking
- Experienced STEAM and ICT teacher and learning design professional
- Teaching focus at TechTrain: Digital / 3D design, AI & Machine Learning

When not guiding a diverse mix of cohorts through a wide range of platforms and proficiencies on a weekly basis, Gleb can be found developing in-house systems and tinkering with our 2D and 3D design programs. In Gleb, our learners find a caring, intelligent and reliable guide through the TechTrain universe, and a mentor to support in projects that exceed even their own expectations.

Alice Lê
Marketing Lead

Curating the path for new families to learn about and experience TechTrain, Alice’s prowess in communication and problem-solving, combined with her friendly, direct and driven approach; leaves a mark of quality on every project in TechTrain she collaborates on. Although our students may not have the chance to be taught by Alice, she proudly represents the TechTrain values and vision, making her another inspiring role model in the TechTrain Team for aspirational young learners to look up to.

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