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TechTrain Virtual Academy delivers 21st century learning for 21st century challenges and provides our students with a unique approach to online STEAM learning.
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Creative technology and STEAM courses for kids

At TechTrain we teach kids to be tech creators rather than tech consumers.
We inspire curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, and give students a 21st century skill-set.
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Our courses

Our curriculum has been crafted to help a generation of learners develop skillsets to lead and thrive in the technological 21st century.  

Our courses are aligned with international standards in Computer Science and Technology education, ensuring our students receive the same quality of tech education as students in the countries like the U.S. and U.K.

Why is STEAM important?
What is STEAM?

STEAM. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math. It also means a fresh approach to education

How does TechTrain teach STEAM?

Our international team of experts encourage curiosity, creativity and critical thinking through projects and experimentation in safe, structured online environments.

STEAM in Education?

STEAM is a multi-disciplined approach to teaching and learning, which reaches deep into our study, careers and play and guides student inquiry, discussion, and problem-solving.

What’s next for STEAM graduates?

STEAM leaders are already turning science fiction into science fact, through driverless cars, 3D printing, and much much more.

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Ms. Ngoc Anh
These days, technology is so important to understand. I'm really happy that Minh is learning coding with TechTrain courses.
Jean-Charles Drubay
I feel really satisfied with this project, Minh achieved such great results.
I think learning technology will help me in any job I have, no matter what job it is.
I like studying at TechTrain because I can learn to code and there are teachers there to help us. We can also share our programs and work with other people.
I love TechTrain because we get to learn with robots.
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Why TechTrain?

Delivering International Education Quality
Curriculum aligned with American standards
Building English Skills
Tech classes with foreign teachers
Providing Tech Tools
Quality equipment for each and every course
Making Tech Cool
Kids love it and can’t wait to come back to TechTrain
Shaping Future Leaders
Preparing your child for success in Industry 4.0

Curriculum aligned with American standards

Why TechTrain?

At TechTrain, we provide students not only with the ‘tech toolkit’ for tomorrow, but with the mindset to become true leaders.

Our students develop proficiency in a broad range of soft and hard skills. With experiential learning as its prime focus, this structure provides students with an array of important life skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork,
and attention to detail.

We make tech cool

We provide a unique tech 'toolkit'

We guide and teach with professional international instructors

We shape Future Leaders!

Delivering international education quality
Building English skills
Shaping future leaders
Providing tech tools
Making tech cool

Why TechTrain?

The TechTrain never stops!

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