Why is STEAM important?
What is STEAM?

STEAM means Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design, and Mathematic. It also means a 21st century approach to education.

How does TechTrain teach STEAM?

Our foreign experts encourage curiosity, creativity and critical thinking through projects and hands-on experimentation in a safe, structured environment.

What is STEAM used for?

Already, 9 of the world’s 10 most valuable companies are STEAM based – companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google.

What’s next for STEAM graduates?

STEAM leaders are already turning science fiction into science fact, through driverless cars, 3D printing, and much much more.

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Ms. Thuy Linh
It’s amazing how TechTrain’s courses open up the way Tommy thinks. He loves coding games and his English has improved so much!
Ms. Ngoc Anh
These days, technology is so important to understand. I'm really happy that Minh is learning coding with TechTrain courses.
I think learning technology will help me in any job I have, no matter what job it is.
I like studying at TechTrain because I can learn to code and there are teachers there to help us. We can also share our programs and work with other people.
I love TechTrain because we get to learn with robots.

Our Programs

Our curriculum has been crafted to help kids from 4-18 develop a skillset to thrive and lead in the technological 21st century.  
Bright Sparks

For kids aged 4-8, our Bright Sparks take their first fun tech steps through play, crafts and discovery.

During each 16 week course, we will: Create cool tech crafts; build and control real robots; discover, create, and play!

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Rising Stars

For children 7 and up, our Rising Stars use projects, debates and presentations to really find their tech feet.

During each 16 week course, we:
Create fun games & software projects; work together to solve challenges and problems; debate and discuss new technology.

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Super Novas

For students aged 11 and up, our Super Nova courses are all about following tech passions, independent thinking and learning through projects.

During each 16 week course, we:
Learn industry standard skills and software; develop critical & logical thinking; create designs & projects to tackle real-world problems.

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What we learn at techtrain

Visual Block Coding

Drag-and-drop blocks allow learners of all ages to grasp essentials of coding.

Use Visual Block Coding to make real programs, such as interactive stories and games, before learning text-based code languages.

TEXT based Coding

Text-based coding moves beyond drag-and-drop block-coding and opens up limitless possibilities.

Learn the fundamentals of Python, a simple yet powerful programming language.

Web Design & Development

Journey through the website creation process, from concept ideation to deployment.

Discover, explore, and create your own UI (User Interfaces) and UX (User Experiences).


Mobile Apps are built and developed with both block-based and text-based programming platforms.

Design, wireframe and code a variety of functional apps, with topics such as games, fashion, animals and sports!


Electronics are the fundamental building blocks of robotics, where learners assemble and code hardware to act and react to ithe environment.

Learn about circuits, sensors and motors. Build, program, and compete with robots!

3d cad & PRINTING

Learn the basics of 3D CAD (3Dimensional Computer-Aided Design), to create simple 3D objects using design software.

Convert your designs into 3D-printable formats, then bring them to life with our 3D printers!


AR (Augmented Reality) blends virtual elements into a real environment, while VR (Virtual Reality) fully immerses us in virtual worlds.

Create and build immersive surroundings integrated with the previously designed 3D objects!

AI/Machine Learning

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning allow computers to learn from  data, and to develop increasingly 'intelligent' reaction and response.

Understand the basics of human learning, before coding your own neural network!

The TechTrain never stops!

We constantly develop activities, workshops, ideas and of course, awesome events!
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Why TechTrain?

Delivering International Education Quality
Curriculum aligned with American standards
Building English Skills
Tech classes with foreign teachers
Providing Tech Tools
Quality equipment for each and every course
Making Tech Cool
Kids love it and can’t wait to come back to TechTrain
Shaping Future Leaders
Preparing your child for success in Industry 4.0

Curriculum aligned with American standards

Why TechTrain?

Kids love it and can’t wait to come back to TechTrain

Quality equipment for each and every course

Tech classes with foreign teachers

Preparing your child for success in Industry 4.0

Delivering International Education Quality
Building English Skills
Shaping Future Leaders
Providing Tech Tools
Making Tech Cool

Why TechTrain?

Our Courses

TechTrain’s core Coding and Robotics curricula are complemented by App Design, Game Design, 3D Technologies, AR/VR Environments and much more. Our globally inspired, in-house programs open the way to 21st Century success for Vietnamese students. TechTrain's integrated approach delivers essential tech- and soft-skills, all in an English language environment.

Explorer age band


(Age 5 - 9)

Explorers work collaboratively and creatively to solve problems, using engaging platforms to make stories, games and robots.

builder age band


(Age 8 - 12)

Builders communicate in English and apply their ideas to make fun programs. They advance their computational thinking skills as they code stories, games and robots.

creator age band


(Age 11+)

Creators harness critical thinking and communication abilities to design and develop the right solutions for making games, mobile apps and robots.

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