STEAM Discovery

Designed for young learners, the STEAM Discovery program provides foundational computer and block coding skills. Students build confidence as they progress, mastering online tools, and preparing for advanced tech courses while creating their digital projects.

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About the Program

Our STEAM Discovery program is designed for young learners, students who are new to online learning and students who want to build their basic computer and block coding skills.

STEAM Discovery students begin their online studies with a well-rounded focus on online learning skills and classroom tools, building their proficiency with basic computer functions and Zoom use. 

Once comfortable and confident to operate independent of parent intervention, students build these skills by engaging in fun and educational Scratch block coding projects, which prepare students for later courses in coding and design.

By the end of the program, students will be comfortable with the use ofcomputers, including touch-typing, and will have begun to use logic-based control to make their very own digital creations.

Program details

Level: Beginner
Age: 5-11
Duration: 24 weeks (3 x 8-week Courses)
Weekly Hours: 1-hour lesson
Language: English
Location: Online Lessons
Courses: 3
Course length: 8 weeks (total 8 hours teacher time)
Course names:
STEAM Explorer
STEAM Builder
STEAM Creator
Price: 190 USD per Course
190 USD / 4.5M VND
(2-6 students)
320 USD / 7.5M VND
(1-to-1 private learning)
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Learning goal highlights

Acquired soft skills

Creative Thinking


Remote learning
Block coding


Mastering mouse and keyboard
Be able to proficiently use the mouse and keyboard .
Use Zoom independently
Be able to use key Zoom features such as screen sharing and annotation. 
Apply block code fundamentals
Be able to apply block coding fundamentals such as loops, events, and condition statements.
Communication, collaboration and planning
Be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with others to plan and complete tasks and projects.

Program structure

STEAM Explorer

Students are introduced to online learning and discover strategies for effective remote learning.
Students learn to correctly use a web browser, the Zoom platform, and keyboard typing techniques.
Students explore coding concepts with simple block based code.

STEAM Builder

Students continue to build their typing techniques and core computer skills.
Students are introduced to more complex block-codes.
Students demonstrate their skills by building their own block code project with Scratch.

STEAM Creator

Students are able to brainstorm a custom block-code-based project.
Students can break down their projects into simple steps.
Students create and present their first self-planned project!

STEAM Class in Action

An example of an activity in this program might see students verbally plan a unique story in a group brainstorming session. Once completed they will then log in to their Scratch account, and type their story in the appropriate blocks of code. With the support of the instructor, they will then add the remaining code blocks to allow the Scratch character to tell the story in the correct sequence.

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