Tech Discovery

The Tech Discovery program allows young learners to further explore skills and platforms that they will later master as part of a developing tech-toolkit. Students will take the next step in their coding education through building more advanced Scratch projects, and gain confidence with art and design projects using the 3D modeling program, TinkerCAD.

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About the Program

Our Tech Discovery program is designed for young learners or students who have completed the STEAM Discovery program, who are already comfortable with online learning and students who have had some previous tech experience and want to explore their options.

Tech Discovery students receive a well-rounded experience with all the topics available at TechTrain. exploring coding fundamentals, Machine Learning concepts, and 3D design platforms.

The Game Design Discovery course allows students to discover all of the foundational coding concepts present in Scratch, learning about each block type, and how it relates to real-world coding.

The 3D Design Discovery course allows students to discover the essential steps and tools of 3D modeling. Students will learn the 3D design process, from finding a reference to creating the model and will gain an understanding of how to navigate a virtual 3D environment.

By the end of the program, students will be prepared to choose their own path forward through our curriculum based on their new found experience along with their interests and ambitions.

Program Details

Level: Beginner
Age: 5-11
Duration: 16 weeks (2 x 8-week courses)
Weekly Hours: 1.5 hour lesson
Language: English
Location: Online classes
Courses: 3
Course length: 8 weeks (total 12 hours teacher time)
Course names:
Game Design Discovery
3D Design Discovery
Price: 190 USD per course
190 USD / 4.5m VND per group course (2-6 students)
320 USD / 7.5m VND per private course (1-to-1)
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Learning Goal Highlights

Acquired Soft Skills

Computational Thinking
Spatial Awareness


3D Design Fundamentals
Coding Fundamentals


Learn coding and design English vocabulary
Be able to communicate, plan and collaborate using industry standard coding and design terminology.
Build upon block coding fundamentals
Be able to apply block coding types in increasingly innovative ways and learning their relationship to real-world coding while building a Scratch application.
Learn the fundamentals of 3D model design in TinkerCAD
Be able to use a simplified constructive solid geometry method of constructing 3D models in TinkerCAD.
Explore the intersection of coding and design
Be able to apply code solutions to create a procedurally generated 3D model.

Program Structure

Game Design Discovery

Students discover essential coding concepts through block-code.
Students learn the connection between block-code and real world coding techniques.
Students discover further technology tools and concepts with machine learning.

3D Design Discovery

Students discovery foundational 3D design processes and concepts.
Students learn to navigate virtual 3D environments.
Students explore the intersection of coding and design.

Tech Discovery Class in Action

Two sample activities for this program would see a student learn about the application of condition statements using Scratch by creating a game requiring a conditional system. Another example, related to the design course would see student analysing real life landscapes for reference and to break down complex shapes into their basic part before modeling their own 3D landscape based on their chosen reference using TinkerCAD.

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